In the midst of a historic public health crisis, certain AIP portfolio companies are collaborating with their customers to address the unmet needs of those on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. With American ingenuity, our companies are innovating product solutions to support the first responders and healthcare professionals who are mobilizing against COVID-19.

Flow Waterjet

Flow Waterjet, a Shape Technologies Group company, is redeploying waterjet cutting machinery to manufacture large volumes of Face Shields for front line medical workers, first responders, and anyone in need. Manufacturing specifications are available to Flow’s customers and all waterjet operators to help increase production during this time of extreme demand; their technical assembly drawings, cut-ready files, detailed production guides, and end user instruction letter are available at

Face Shields are also available to order from Flow at To purchase shields for your facility or for drop shipment to first responders and health care facilities in need please contact Dora Cortes, Aftermarket Program Coordinator, Flow Waterjet: [email protected]. For press inquiries, please contact Steve Rosenblum, Global Director of Marketing for Flow International Corporation, a Shape Technologies Group company.

GE Current

Current’s factories, distribution centers and engineering labs across the world remain fully operational and are committed to supporting community hospitals and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ retrofitted healthcare facilities as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current launched its new proprietary UVA Disinfection luminaire following regulatory approvals. In laboratory testing, this luminaire has been shown to reduce certain bacteria associated with hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Current will also soon have the FDA registrations necessary to manufacture hand sanitizer in its repurposed specialty chemicals and materials facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

For support with your response initiatives or those of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, please contact the Current Regional VP in your geography. Get more information at


Given the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the now broadly acknowledged community benefits of wearing masks, manufacturers in industries as diverse as automotive and apparel are producing PPE to help stop the spread of COVID-19. With the world’s largest installed base of high-speed multiply cutting equipment, Gerber created a PPE Task Force to support their customers’ transition to manufacturing and distribution of PPE.

Gerber Technology is helping current PPE manufacturers scale their production, assisting current soft/sewn goods manufacturing customers convert their production over to PPE manufacturing, and leveraging their partner network to help match the demand for PPE with supply (including identifying PPE manufacturers, sourcing of materials, and knowledge sharing between manufacturers).

Gerber is actively reaching out to the U.S. Government and leading industry consortiums to coordinate broader localized efforts. Please refer to their COVID-19 website often for updated information and resources:

REV Group

REV Group (REVG), the nation’s largest manufacturer of Type I, II, III emergency vehicles, has incorporated several product options into their High-Risk Infection Control (HRIC) ambulance designs to further protect patients and EMS personnel from exposure risk.

Horton, AEV, Leader, Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue, and McCoy Miller all offer these features in their HRIC designs. Key design elements providing enhanced protection include: anti-microbial LED lighting in Patient Compartments to protect the interior environment from a variety of pathogens, portable or installed EPA Approved Decontamination Systems meeting OSHA and NFPA requirements, Isolation of Cab Crew area from Patient Compartment, Multi-Stage HEPA filters in HVAC System, and High Capacity Negative Air System in Patient Compartment to control external environmental exposure.

REV has previously delivered ambulances to the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which were configured to meet each agency’s unique specifications for controlling the spread of Infectious Disease pathogens. REV’s ambulance, fire and essential vehicle production are diligently working to expedite orders of emergency vehicles to customers. For more information, please visit Horton, AEV, Leader, Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue, and McCoy Miller.