Sparsh Bhargava

Partner, In Memoriam

It is with tremendous personal grief that we announce that Sparsh Bhargava died suddenly and unexpectedly on October 28th. Sparsh was an invaluable member of American Industrial Partners since his joining in 2012 and his death strikes at the heart of who we are as a firm. He was an extraordinary exemplar of integrity, perseverance, and strength of character. With calm soul, he could be relied upon to listen with empathy and understanding and then act with quiet leadership and grace. Despite his youth, he quickly earned the respect and devotion of peers many decades his senior. Sparsh was nothing short of brilliant in both the analysis of what needed to be done as well as the ability to inspire those around him to a common cause. While still in his twenties, he served as the CEO of our portfolio company, Presstek, where his impact was transformative.

We are humbled to have been befriended by someone with such extraordinary character and ability. American Industrial Partners will forever be better for his partnership with us, and his absence is one that will be long felt.