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Our portfolio companies are generally among the world leaders in their industrial market niches, but frequently have unexploited opportunities for operating, financial or technological improvements such as global marketing and sourcing, facility consolidation, lean manufacturing, add-on acquisitions, new product development, or enhanced quality systems. In many cases, the application of advanced industrial technologies (e.g. advanced materials, additive manufacturing, IoT, SaaS, operations research) also yield transformative benefits to portfolio company business models.

Our American Industrial Partners team consists of engineers and operating executives in addition to financial professionals, and we work to support the operating initiatives of our portfolio company management teams with capabilities typically unavailable within mid-sized industrial companies. Our approach is cooperative, and portfolio company executives operate with substantial autonomy. We “lead by serving.” Over the past thirty years, this focused investment approach has generally yielded positive results for our Firm.

We believe that our investment results are attributable to the depth of our operating expertise, engineering and technical skills, and innovative financial structuring techniques. Acting as a team, the operating, technical and financial talents of our Firm are, in our view, particularly well positioned to identify attractive investment opportunities, design and implement value-enhancing operating strategies for portfolio companies, and avoid many of the inherent risks of private equity investing. Our goal to enhance portfolio company profitability through the implementation of operating improvements has accounted for the majority of the gains realized across investments made by our Firm.

American Industrial Partners approaches the future with energy and optimism and a conviction to the investment process that we believe has made our Firm successful. We strive to meticulously fulfill our commitments and transact with certainty and speed, guided by principles which we believe are fundamental to achieving the professional and personal objectives that we have established for our partnership and ourselves.


Guiding Principles

  • Commit our full energy and effort to the success of American Industrial Partners
  • Treat investor capital with greater dedication and care than our own
  • Provide the greatest possible transparency to our investors
  • Partner with highly capable people and provide rapid opportunities for advancement
  • Foster an environment that rewards teamwork, imagination, and creativity
  • Conduct all our business with complete candor and integrity
  • Exit companies in better positions than when we acquired them
  • Achieve outcomes worthy of our significant efforts, commitment, and use of investor capital

AIP, LLC’s assessment and description of its culture and values constitute AIP, LLC’s judgment and should be regarded as qualitative and subject to interpretation. Descriptions herein are included for illustrative purposes only. No representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained herein. Past performance is not an indication of future results.


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